The Sitting Epidemic in Little Neck

The Sitting Epidemic in Little Neck

The Sitting Epidemic in Little Neck

Are you suffering from lower back pain in Little Neck? Lower back pain is a common complaint for those that sit for long periods of time. A huge portion of employees work from a desk and are unable to move around throughout the day. Chiropractors at our chiropractic clinic in Little Neck have often urged those who sit for long periods of time that they need to get up and move around.

Recently the American Medical Association has recognized this issue and has implemented ways to change this problem for employees. They have recently urged employers to make alternative arrangements for employees so that they will not suffer from lower back pain due to sitting.


Unfortunately sitting for long periods of time has caused many people to become less metabolically healthy and have led to a variety of health related problems. There are so many activities that the average person participates in that requires sitting. Whether you are eating, watching television, working, playing a video game, driving, or browsing the internet, you're probably sitting. While sitting is important to our rest and recovery, prolonged sitting can lead to undesirable effects on our bodies.


The American Heart Association is promoting a new device to help combat obesity by stopping people from sitting for long periods of time. This device is a phone app that is called Hotseat and was created by Fran Melmed. This app works by setting the device to sync with a person’s work schedule. The app can be set to allow the user to have various 2 minute breaks throughout the day. The Apple Watch also has a setting that reminds you to stand up for at least 1 minute each hour.

Another useful tool that has been implemented is called the treadmill desk to help lower back pain. The treadmill desk is part of the employees work station as they will be able to continue to work while exercising on the treadmill. If you’d rather not have a treadmill desk, you can simply get a standing desk. Often times, you can request a standing desk from your employer with a Doctors’ note if the Doctor feels it is warranted for your condition. Other ways to lessen the chances of lower back pain is to take breaks while sitting at work and to take frequent walks, even if that means walking around the perimeter of your office a few times as a break.

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