3 Common Conditions Little Neck Chiropractors Help

3 Common Conditions Little Neck Chiropractors Help

three common conditions chiropractors help

Chiropractic care is a non-surgical, holistic treatment method used to treat musculoskeletal conditions in the body (Musculoskeletal = muscles/skeleton). There are many musculoskeletal conditions that benefit from chiropractic adjustments, but here are 3 common conditions that our Little Neck chiropractor can help:


Many of us get headaches from time to time. Some are mild, some are more severe, but all of them have the potential to disrupt your day. Whether it is a tension headache caused by hours of sitting at a desk or a migraine brought on by a specific health condition, when the pain starts it is difficult to focus on anything else.

Little Neck chiropractors help relieve headache pain on a regular basis. Did you know that many headaches might have a musculoskeletal issue causing it in the first place? We have a variety of techniques in office that might help relieve your headaches.


Shoulder pain is a problem that far too many people deal with. Many times pain in the shoulder is due to some kind of dysfunction with the shoulder joint or the surrounding musculature. Did you know that often times shoulder pain is being caused by some kind of dysfunction in the neck?

No matter what specific type of shoulder pain you have, Little Neck chiropractors can help to relieve both the pain and to restore any range of motion issues that are present. Our team will help to access your condition and give you the best advice we can on what you can do to remedy the situation.


Lower back pain might be the most common condition that we treat in office. There are a variety of potential causes for lower back pain. We are highly trained to determine what the cause is and to advise you on the proper treatment for your individual case.

Our Care Chiropractic team understands that lower back pain can become debilitating and often times can keep you from doing what you love. We have a variety of techniques in office that can help to reduce your pain, improve your range of motion and get you back to doing what you love. Even if you’ve had lower back pain for years and have been told there is nothing that will help, it’s always worth the time explore your possibilities. We’ve had great success with “hard-to-treat” patients with our specialty in COX Technic Spinal Decompression/Flexion Distraction.

Please don't hesitate to call our team with any questions you might have.  Today is a great day to get started on a new path to health.


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